Friday, June 01, 2007

Snow in May

MY CAMERA IS SPOILT. I am so upset I just want to cry. Through no fault of mine. Something do with the electro magneticism. I can't believe I'll be in Istanbul with a spoilt camera. This is just so bloody awful.
Am in Greece now. Thessaloniki is nice. The men though are scary. It's probably the first time I have wished I was travelling with someone.


Switzerland has awful weather right now. It's raining all the time. And it was snowing the day I got here. In May. I spend a month in Europe in December and see no snow. Get here in May and am caught in a snow storm.

Climate change indeed.


MISSquoted** said...

I hear te United Kingdom wants to ban(BAN!) non-vegetarianism because (turns out...sigh) that the livestock sector produces more GHGs than the transport sector.

climate change indeed?
ludicrous-ness-mess please.

scout said...

aww. that sucks. about the camera, i mean. i rather like your photography.

btw, swiss photos on facebook were very nice - all the pretty boys!!! with the weird names. much deliciousness.

and it gets better in turkey :D

elizabeth said...

o dear, so sorry about the camera. but once mine was stolen in italy, and i bought a cheap disposable, with which i took some of the loveliest pictures of my traveling days.

re: troublesome men: expect some of this in istanbul too, though only really in tourist areas (sultanahment especially). there it is tiresome, but not genuinely threatening IME.

Tabula Rasa said...

oh no!

get a disposable -- you just have to. my camera went for a swim a couple of years back in christchurch, and i was forced to go with disposables. can't say it was anything near the original, but at least it was something.

thalassa_mikra said...

Are the men in Thessaloniki scary? That's so strange, I've actually been on my own in other parts of Greece and it's been absolutely fine.

Especially on the islands, they really leave you alone to do your own thing, but are very polite and helpful when approached for help.

But I'd agree with Elisabeth. Two of my female friends went to Istanbul together and they were
constantly cat-called and propositioned on the streets. Nothing like the physical harassment that Indian women are subjected to at times though.

Can't wait to hear your accounts from Istanbul!

Szerelem said...

e, tr: I bought a disposable today. (i've alreay used up half the shots and I am in only 2 of them!) But it's definitely not the same thing and I am still terribly upset. I am hoping that I can borrow a camera from my hosts in Istanbul.

TM: unfortunately they are quite, quite scary. And the worst thing is if you are alone, they just dont let you be - even if you are sitting in a coffee shop or an internet cafe, as I found out. It's quite pissing off. But I met some very wonderful people too.

Istanbul - have heard stories about the men there too :) But I'm looking forward to being there very much. Leave tomorrow night.

Btw, Thessa is really quite nice. Will post about it.

Chimera said...

too bad about ur camera. I know the disposable ones wudn't come close to what u'd have otherwise taken.I've had a similar experience after which i started travelling with 2 cameras.
looking forward to ur Istanbul account.
(bin to Swiss in April n it hadnt snowed!sigh!)

Anonymous said...

Awww poor baby! Did fatso accidentally sit on the camera? Oh well, just another thing you have broken by being too fat and throwing your weight around.

Solution: Lose weight or at least be conscious of how hefty you are!

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