Thursday, May 24, 2007

Status: Happy

Guess who won?

Muah. Am rather thrilled really. And I'm still jumping around despite no bloody sleep. Milan campioni!!!!

Ros had assured me (after my cribbing about Pirlo's below par free kicks), that a goal was coming. And come it did. (Inzaghi deflection notwithstanding). It was only my friend sleeping in the next room that stopped me from going hoarse screaming with delight.

And super Pippo!!! Oh man. How do I explain my increasing like for the tricky, cheeky blighter? Nothing makes me chuckle like Inzaghi managing to squeeze out a goal. (And he wasn't even offside this match! Hah!). Ah, this will last a few days.

Also, btw, Zidane said Milan would probably win this match. Hee. Zizou. You are missed on the pitch so much. Especially when I see other people (note: Kaka and Alonso) trying out the roulette. Not even half as good.


roswitha said...

Oh god, watching Maldini raise that trophy. Do you realise that if our grandchildren - provided we have any - are football fans - provided they're as stupid as we are - we will be able to tell them that we lived in the Maldini era?

Fricking brilliant. I didn't expect it to be a repeat of the United games, but I am so happy for the way the goals came about. So very Italian, so very Inzaghi, perfectly placed to annoy the hell out of every biased 'English-football-is-the-only-football' pundit.

Possibly a very rash statement to make, but I love Inzaghi and I cannot stop being joyous that the man is repaid for the sheer hunger with which he goes after goal. Complain all you like about him; if he was on your team you'd never let him go.

Szerelem said...

Hahaha....ya I'd keep talking about Zidane and how Milan avenged the 2005 final!
Did you hear about how Maldini can play only a match a week? (Cos thats how much he can physically handle.) Talk about passion for the game to go on playing!

I actually thought Milan were sloppy at times (esp the first half) but Liverpool were awful in their final third. They couldn't convert anybloodything!

The second goal by Inzaghi was so so very him!!! All my friends were cribbing about what a cheap goal that was and then on replays eventually had to admit it was a pretty darned good goal. He really did get freak on, eh? Annnd....Pirlo freeckick!! Heeeee :D

Ok. Now I want to read your post. I'm terrible at footer writing. You, however, are brilliant. So. Post wanted muchly.

the saint said...

apparently there is maldini junior junior is also on his way up..

and samir nasri is supposed to be the new zidane - but yeah, there is only one Zizou!

Zizou is god!

Anonymous said...

See with what dignity I lick my wounds.

-Aishwarya, who cannot be bothered to sign in.

Szerelem said...
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Szerelem said...

the saint: Oh ya. The is only one Zizou.
Btw, Zizou Jr. is on his way up to. Little Enzo is captaining the Real Junior team (and they recently won the championship, beating Barca). He even roulettes, comme son papa. Also, Yoann Gourcuff, was called petit Zizou, no?

Aishwarya: Had Milan lost, I'd still be hiding under the bed. But Liverpool played well, they just couldn't score! And did you and Ros end up fighting?

TS said...

'twas a good contest. And the best team won.

I like Inzaghi.

But Gerrard more. There is this Liverpool keychain I once bought for a friend, it said "You'll never walk alone."

Aishwarya said...

No, no, we are both unhurt. She spent a lot of the match pacing and covering her eyes, bless her. Post will be up on monday. :)

Renovatio said...

I know... There's a team called manchester united.

And Our team sucks so much it can't make it to any premier league. Wait, this isn't an international thingie? Ooh.

MockTurtle said...

You HAD to find a way to squeeze in a nice Zidane pic, didn't you?

thalassa_mikra said...

Sorry dear, I have been battling screwed up connectivity. You can write to me at

Would love to hear from you soon!

Szerelem said...

MT: I always find ways to sneak in Zidane pictures :D