Thursday, May 03, 2007

To Athens

Ah, I am in a happy mood. Its been a crappy few months sports wise. (I am trying to forget that Australia won the Cricket World Cup - again! *Curses*).

And I was all set to see (much to my misery) Man U make it to the Champions League finals as well. Well in all honesty, I never expected the Rossoneri to make it so far....but I have been so happy with the way they have been playing.

And they were darn near perfect last night at the San Siro. Kaka continued to be brilliant. Gattuso played with such passion it made my heart glad. And the midfield - ah, words fail me. They passed the ball with such precision. Man U seemed like second rate team at best.

So, it is on to Athens. And as everyone surely knows, a repeat of the 2005 final, in which Liverpool came from three down to eventually win the cup. Milan are intent on erasing that memory. I hope they do.

P.S.: I want very much for Andrea Pirlo to have a good final. He was very good in the midfield last night. But his free kicks have been sucking of late. Here's hoping he finds goal scoring form. I have such a soft spot for the man. And I still want his hair. Very much.


That Armchair Philosopher said...

wow, i never expected you to be that big a football fan.

honestly, most women wouldn't give a shit about sports hehe.

that said, GO LIVERPOOL! :P

Tabula Rasa said...

gah. enough of this piffle. where are the angkor pictures?

Szerelem said...

TAP: Heh - I have a tag on football posts you know? Though admittedly most of them are also about Zidane :D
most women wouldn't give a shit about sports Mass generalisation and stereotyping much????
And nooooo Liverpool must not win. This is the Rossoneri's cup! Gah!

TR: piffle?? Sir! What sacrilege!! The Angkor pictures are on my comp - I'm just being lazy about uploading them. But I will - soon.

roswitha said...

The Rossoneri are to this final what France were to the World Cup. And being on the other side of the divide this time just breaks my heart. I would love an appropriate farewell for the Milan vets, but we all know that no victory in football comes from being deserving or appropriate.

That said, my heart and money = all on Milan. And Pirlo, come on. He's actually only been very good lately, which is shocking form considering he is usually beyond superb.

Also, we need to talk. I get the feeling we are actually mirror images of each other. Have you a Gmail ID I can reach you on?

Szerelem said...

we all know that no victory in football comes from being deserving or appropriate.

That is so true :) There would be nothing better than Milan winning on the 23rd....but it's too close to call I think. I'm ALL for Milan too!

Pirlo - Yes, only very good of late :) He needs to go back to superb. Btw, the Milan midfield against Man U - beyond brilliant. It seemed as if there were wearing magic boots.

And you can mail me:

TS said...


Szerelem said...

Kaka = fantabulous awesomeness. He has done no wrong last few matches.