Wednesday, June 13, 2007


I could spend my whole life roaming the backstreets of Beyoğlu. It´s my favourite part of town.
P.S: Thanks to everyone for the nice comments on the last post :) Considerıng I have taken some 300+ pictures there will be a lot of photo posts on İstanbul!


elizabeth said...

whimper. o lord, i miss my old neighbourhood. i recognise the streets here and in some of the shots below.

sevgili istanbul'u çok özlüyorum.....

??! said...

one assumes the slightly-creepy face that the bottom of the lamp makes against the wall, was intentional? if so, is brilliant.

Tabula Rasa said...

wow that's a lot of disposable cameras.

MockTurtle said...

Wonderful wonderful pictures. You have an amazing sense for colour and balance.

Szerelem said...

elizabeth: I thought you might recognize some of the streets :)
I will miss İstanbul terribly when I leave too :(, so I can only imagine how much you miss your beloved İstanbul.

??!: what creepy face??!! I cant spot it!

TR: borrowed a digital for my stay here.

MT: Thank YOu :)

??! said...

focus on the backgroun, on the black (?) circle at the bottom of the lamp...looks like two eyes and a curved elephantine nose.

Anonymous said...

I heard the song Szelerem Szerelem, while watching the English patient, I really loved it, now I found your site, I thought Szerelem was Hungarian, I still don't know what it means,your site is interesting though. Take much care.

Szerelem said...

Marcel: Ah, the name does come from that song in that movie.
And it is Hungarian for love. Which is apt as I ramble on vere about stuff that I do love :)

Judit said...

Dear Marcel,
I was looking up on the internet hoping to find a translation, but I couldn't, so I tried myself...
I know it won't come through as it should, because it has old lyrics and it's hard to translate, but here it is:

Love, love
accursed anguish
Why didn't you bloom,
on the top of all the trees?
on every tree
on a nut-tree letter
And how would tear
every gal and lad
Because I did tear too
and let pass it away
I did tear too
and let it pass away
oh how much would I tear
if I would find of goodness
of goodness and beauty
on my old lover
and for my old lover
what wouldn't I do...
the water from the ocean
bale out whit a spoon
and from the bottom of the ocean
to pick tiny pearls
and for my old lover
I would spin a pearl-wreath

I hope it helped
Judit from Hungary

Medha said...

Oh my word, i know i deviate from the topic of your blog, but Judit, i just heard the song for the first time about four minutes ago, although i have seen the movie, learning the meaning has made it more than just a song. It is a song that now haunts me. Thank you, for that.