Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Istanbul People

Saluting (me!) - Istiklal Caddesi

Staring out of her window - Fener
Drumming at Tünel

(I loved this. Everyone gathered around Tunel would basically get together and join in a huge drum fest. And the somehow the music always sounded great.)

Little Princes - Eyüp

(The Eyüp Mosque is the third most holy Islamic site in the world. Little boys dressed up - in most amusing costumes, with belts reading "Mashallah!", smothered by their mother, grandmothers, aunts, what have you come here before heading off for their circumcisions. Aged 9 or 10. Ouch.)

Making music - Tünel

Selling beads - Beyoğlu

People, I had the most wonderful picture of this wonderful old man at a nargile cafe at Tophane blowing out billows of smoke....I loved that picture...and was trying to rotate it to vertical on Windows picture viewer. It rotated, but the photo turned completely blank white. WTF!!!! Can anyone tell me wtf happened?? This trip has been screwed up picture wise. I am most upset. Bloody hell.


gg said...

Aged 9 or 10? No way they look 5 or so. Nice photo essay.

cubano said...

'The Eyüp Mosque is the third most holy Islamic site in the world...'

Are you sure that it is the third most holy Islamic site?? I have never even heard of it. The first is Kaabah at Mecca, then the dome of the rock in Jerusalem, then my guess would be the mosques in Madina...

Chimera said...

if the photos that you have are so good, what about those that have been lost???

Szerelem said...

gg - thanks. And ya they´re usually around 9.

Cubano - I didn´t know about it either but thats what I was told and read. Maybe it ranks after Medina?

Chimera - That picture was amazing. Sigh :(