Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Paranoia Zizou

I wished and hoped and prayed and sat with my fingers in complete knots for the entire match ..... and they won! and won how!! it was like watching the Zizou of old, Zizou the footballer cum ballet dancer, Zizou the zen master..... it was wonderful !!

They won't get past round one, Zidane is too old, theres too much racism, no team spirit , Brazil will score within 15 minutes of the starting whistle - right!
But now the semi final beckons and i am getting increasingly paranoid about tomorrows match. I haven't been this paranoid about a match in eons and eons.... sure, i watched Zidane at Real Madrid. I completely choked up during his farewell match at the Bernabéu, seeing the entire crowd hold up number 5 cutouts, cheering and thanking the master midfielder and most of all to see the usually reserved, unemotional Zizou turn teary eyed.
But the fact is that the last couple of years have seen Real become a complete circus and i would watch Zizou play, the results didn't really matter.

This is different. This is Zidanes swansong. This is the World Cup.
My stomach is in a total knot and i keep imagining disastrous situations.....what if they don't win? what if Zidane gets his second yellow card?? ...and then my friends (horrifically true) statement....the Portuguese can play really dirty - they'll go for his legs!..... arghh!!...i clutch my head (again!) and try to exorcise these horrible, horrible thoughts!

They should win, must win - pour Zizou, for who deserves a more fitting setting for his last match than the best player of our times?
Allez Zizou et bonne chance!!!


Jaywalker said...

Paranoia Zizou - very apt title!
btw, I got nothing against Zidane as such - he is amongst the best ever no doubt - but somehow France as a team is hardly as 'paranoia - inducing' as the great man himself :)
and football is after all a team game! May the best team win, I say!

Szerelem said...

i actually think France has played as a good team unit the last couple of matches..and they have some really good player hitting form, i point to Henry, Vieira, Makelele, Thuram and even Ribery...but of course Zizou is the heart of the team. Still fingers (and toes) crossed for them...may the best team win indeed...(and may that team be les bleus!) ...=)

roswitha said...

Doesn't it amaze you, his resemblance to Ralph Fiennes? Because it does me. Zidane easily looks as though he could be a reconstructed English Patient. He's hot. And brilliant.

My ideal final would be one where Zizou and Henry both score - but Italy wins.

Szerelem said...

A more square, less delicate, bald Fiennes - yeah =)...glad he is shaving his head though, that bald patch was distracting...
Trying not to turn into a paranoid wreck about the final - it should just be a good match and Zidane should have a fabulous farewell...

Read@Peace said...

Just saw your comments on my blog. Yes, part of it is disabled coz I've had no time to go back to it.

Love your pix.

But this is about Zizou. Can't believe it had to end this way for the man who showed us time and again that he had it all.

Have put in my post - tears held back @ http://readatpeace.blogspot.com/2006/07/why-zizou.html- things could have been different for the Azzuris had Zizou stayed on.

What a match it was, what an ending to what could have been a match to remember for the man who truly rocked the beautiful game.

Szerelem said...

im still too gutted to even think about this...
But according to reports it was definitely a provocation.(ZZ deserved the red card though). Materazzi tweaked Zidane nipple(which of course is no reason to do anything and remember ZZ walked on?) and then reportedly called him a "terrorist" (as per The Guardian), which if its true, is so disgusting i dont even know what to say......i want to cry.