Wednesday, July 12, 2006

How do you react to this?

Seems like "WHY?" has been my mantra of the week.

how do you react to things like this?? ....people in mumbai please stay safe - that sounds so lame but still....i just pray communal riots don't break out...

and what is the justification for this??...trying to get the tourism industry back on track was the one thing going for Kashmir....

Sigh, why do such people exist??
I feel so terribly sad and angry.

and apparently you can't even open the sports page without reading stuff like this anymore.
"After the Cup victory Calderoli, the former minister of reform and a member of the right-wing Northern League party said that the Italians had vanquished a French team that was comprised of 'Negroes, communists and Moslems'."

Again, why do such people exist??
What a f*cked up world.


Jaywalker said...

its not about reacting at all - the mumbai local trains were (and still remains) a terrorist's dream come true - so many people packed into such a confined space - there should be a LOT more security there - its time we started acting instead of reacting if you ask me...

Szerelem said...

terrorists dream - absolutely.
but how do you go about monitoring them??
its amazing how the city got back on its feet so fast..

Jaywalker said...

if its done in NY/Rome, maybe something could be implemented along the sme lines here too - it aint impossible...just a lil bit of work to get done..