Thursday, July 06, 2006

Who'd have thunk it?

The French are the Brits new best friends....
From today’s Guardian:
Revenge is a dish best served cold, but today's papers seem pretty happy for it to be served by our new best friends, the French. "Spot-on Zidane gains revenge for England" declares The Sun, with the surprising news that Zizou knocked Portugal out of the World Cup in the name of Blighty.

Hilarious i say!! The Brits never do forget do they??(note how they still call Maradona a cheating scumbag)
This from the minute by minute account of the match:
2 mins: Ronaldo collects the ball on the left and is roundly booed by large sections of the crowd. Seems not all Englishmen have gone home.

Also hilarious, the completely opposing viewpoints here. Examples –

Portugal have, yet again, demonstrated what they are: A disgraceful third rate football team composed of cheats, pantomime dames and low quality players who have managed to con their way to a semi-final. The only good points were Zidanes sweetly taken penalty and the constant booing of Ronaldo. Ronaldo's 'Superman' dive for a penalty claim was hilarious......Portugal now have worldwide recognition as the dirtiest, low-life team on the planet. ....The filthy scab on the body football has been picked off for now.

And to counter-

The only cheating I saw today was Henry leaving his foot back to take that dive over Carvalho's leg which was there before Henry turned. The only negative play I saw was France defending deep most of the game and being happy with a shoddy penalty. And I counted more dives by the French than by the Portuguese, especially in the first half hour…But, hey, everybody loves Zizou and Henry. Like the English, they "deserve" to win, so screw fairness and let's slander the opposition.

Football is so much fun in its rawness!!! Still, it makes me wonder really how far have we come from Roman style gladiator games....probably not much eh??

Anyway, hope the Germans kick Portuguese ass on Saturday.....
instead of slowly turning into a nut case thinking about the final i have decided all i really want is for Zidane to have a F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S last match (oh, also win the golden ball!).....allez Zizou!!

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