Friday, June 30, 2006

Sexy grey hair and balding footballers

For anyone who ever questioned my taste, GQ magazine claims that 'Grey is the new black'.
Fitting reply to a certain cousin who reacted with absolute horror at my statement that i think Ian McKellen is cooler than Brad Pitt anyday and that he is also the sole reason i would even consider watching trite that is The Da Vinci Code. Her response - why the obsession with old men with grey/white hair? Of course i could not and would not dignify such an ageist comment with an answer. I mean he is Ian effing McKellen (aka Gandalf/Magneto/sheer brilliant actor) if you don't think hes cool you're the one with the problem. Hmpff.

It would be like someone asking why i obsess about balding footballers*^, which is no way to talk about Zidane (as if anyone needs a reason to obsess about Zizou).
On a side note France play Brazil on Saturday and in all my biasness i hope, nay pray, they win. Also rooting for Argentina over Germany today. This should have been the semi final line up. England and Italy are such trash. Hmpff.

Update: ok, i totally need to eat humble pie now, since Italy are in the final (as are France - YAY!!)...and as favourites over les bleus somemore...arghh, arghhh, arghhh!!...allez zizou!!

*I was actually asked this (the horror) and had to draw on all my restraint not to whack the person silly. Idiots abound i tell you.
^I realised Ralph Fiennes is also balding. Patrick Stewart is already bald. Does this indicate a new fetish on my part for balding men? Will bald be the new grey?? Hmmm.....


Durrow Gal! said...

I'm sure you won't find ALL bald men attractive...i am sure roberto carlos, or vin diesel attractive right???

Szerelem said...

no, not ALL bald men. But generally people think bald = unsexy which isn't true.
As for Carlos, Ronaldo dont care much but they need to do something about those teeth! Vin diesel - indifferent.