Monday, June 05, 2006

One Week Whirlwind Tour - Part I

Tried to see as much as possible in a week without rushing and missing anything. Main reason being that if I go back to Europe as a tourist again anytime, Switzerland will not ideally be on my agenda for some time. I did enjoy the country very much and it really is beautiful....but theres so much else I havent seen....So back to my crazed tour....where all did I visit? let me list chronologically....


Zürich: I didn't spend much time here. Just saw the main sights, walked down the Bahnhofstrasse to the lake and roamed around a bit more. I had thought i might spend some more time here before flying back but dropped that idea. The city was so cold and drab (not helped by the restoration work going on at the river front) and seemed to be the perfect habitat for those no nonsense, faceless, business suit clad bankers you always associate with Zurich....very industrial, little charm....

St. Gallen: I didnt get to see much of St. Gallen during the day(just the Abbey and main city centre) being busy with workshops and all. I did get to see a lot of St. Gall at night (courtesy walking back to the hostel in pitch darkness) and am quite confident that i can find my way across the small town better when the sun is down =)

Jet d'eau - Lac Léman

Genève: I liked Geneva, it was very international and such a refuge from hearing people speak German!! (i do not like that language - its so harsh!)....the Cathedral and old town area are very quaint . There was a celebration of the reformation while i was there and the atmosphere was so festive with everyone cheering a really great street band playing wonderful music (with an interestin mix of instruments - electric guitar, violin and accordians). Lake Geneva is stunning...the view of the lake from Geneva city on a clear day is quite beautiful with a view of the French Alps and the very blanc Mont Blanc in the background with the quite spectacular Jet d'eau in front (pictures really do not do it justice - it is quite nice). My favourite memory of Geneva is having dinner at a small restaurant somewhere near Versoix (this is technically outside Geneva, but well) with a wonderful view of the lake,Mont Blanc and the vineyards tucking in malakoffs, cheese fondue and creme brulée as the sky turned from pale pink to crimson.


Laussane & Montreaux: Laussane was easily my favourite city in the Lake Geneva region. The seat of the IOC, its old town is extremely pretty, very dramatic and very very steep!!....but the view from the terrace of the Cathedral is quite stunning and makes you quite literally forget that you legs are aching and that your throat is as dry as sand. The port area of Ouchy offers a beautiful view of Lake Geneva and the boat ride to the Chateau de Chillon was well stunning, especially when the boat approaches the Chateau which is surrounded by water and has the snow covered mountains in the background....

Chateau de Chillon - Montreaux

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