Thursday, May 04, 2006

Tickling, itchy feet*

Yes, they really are....itching to go somewhere, anywhere, away from this silly little place where the weather report perpetually reads humid with rain, rain and more rain.
I was thinking about this today and i came to the realization that the reason i am so fidgety is simply because i haven't ever spent longer than five months at a stretch here before heading of for my thanks to my internship this record has now been broken.

And of course now that the wonderful people at work have extended my internship further, well, no nice long summer break for me. Of course the very fact that i am extending my stay with the evil oil company has made sure that I will spend my miserable remaning time at work being the butt of all of Bens jokes , since he never misses an opportunity to tell me how i am helping suppress human rights in Nigeria.....anyway i digress.

Coming back to my travel itch, well i am heading to Switzerland for two weeks and that just sunk in today and i am FINALLY feeling excited about my trip there.....(so i do get to scratch my itch after all =P) me wondering if perhaps i didn't hit me before cos all my travel arrangements have been made for me need to pay for my tickets , accommodation, transport, nothing to figure out....i think working out the nitty gritties of any trip is half the rush, but i digress again. What really got my goat was that the schedule of speakers and different workshops and sessions at the symposium is now out and i am now happily deciding which ones are most interesting and a must attend....aah this is bliss.....i think my itch will return in june once more, till then heres to Switzerland....

*That i owe to ......i shall not plagiarise.....

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