Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Completely Desensitized - that's me!

Since i started interning this past Jan, my daily routine has become even more drab (if that is indeed possible). My regular dinner routine over the last 4 months has been to sit infront of my trusted laptop watching episodes of Law and Order and Sex and the City and eat whatever i can scrounge up with least time and effort required. As my weekends are now totally free, i guiltlessly turn into a total slob and couch potato eating all kind of junk while glued to the images playing on the tiny screen of my laptop.

However its confession time and i need to say that after months and seasons (not episodes, seasons, indeed i think i remember all the dialogues of Sex by now) of L&O and SATC, no crime is grotesque enough and no sexual situation perverse enough to even make me wince. The saying 'I just ate' when someone says something remotely off putting doesn't apply to me anymore....infact i can eat through anything. The latest scenario played out thus:

Me: Eating from a tub of chocolate ice cream and watching SATC episode 609, A woman's right to shoes.....(dialogue as follows)....
Charlotte: We have a teabag situation... (what she means is her fiance drinking tea and leaving the teabags all around the house)
Samantha: I understand...just breathe through your nose(what she means becomes clear in a second...)
Charlotte: ??...huh...??
Samantha: You know, teabagging?? when you put a mans balls in your mouth??
Me: Eww....thats kinda gross....but this ice cream is not.....*take another huge spoon and stuff myself*......

I do not think this is good sight of me.....

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