Tuesday, May 02, 2006

My Mi:III dilemma

Am currently oscillating between paying $8 to go watch Mi:III in theatres or grabbing hold of a pirated copy of the movie as soon as it available and doing my bit to make sure the movie earns, well, eight dollars less. Interestingly about the same time last year this question was a no brainer....i actually liked tom cruise and both the previous MI movies.

Of course then the media monster that is TomKat happened and TC turned psycho midget..... and it wasn't even the molestation of Oprah's couch that did it. Note - i like Mat Lauer, i do not like people calling him "glib" or people who have never had babies saying postpartum depression can be cured by vitamins and exercise and that psychology is mumbo jumbo. In anycase i think Mat Lauer didn't like being called glib either cos after that episode of the today show no one has called TC anything but psycho, including (as a final nail in the coffin) the NYT. (HA!)
Sad thing too.....i always related Cruise to Jerry Maguire, one of my fave movies ..... Unfortunately now i relate him to the following headline -
Tom Cruise: I'll eat placenta!

*Grotesque*.....i think i'll pay $8 to watch X-Men 3 instead....Hugh Jackman, Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellen...thats entertainment....plus Tomthumbs offscreen antics are more entertaining than Mi:III could possibly be - and free!


ggop said...

MI3 is lame. Your decision was wise :-)


Szerelem said...

i will probably still get a pirated version and watch it. And i shall continue to mock Tom Cruise =P