Friday, July 03, 2009

Two of a kind

??! is asking where everyone one is, given the land mark judgement. I found out in between a day spent rushing from one place to another, but was thrilled enough to let out a yelp of happiness in the coffee shop, while catching the news. My friend informs me, via her lawyer brother, that while the judgement was passed by the Delhi High Court it is applicable all over the country, till overturned by specific states. This (a) makes the verdict even more awesome and (b) makes me wonder if/ when/ where it will be overturned, though hopefully not at all, because the judgement was way too long coming. Also, fuck you to the mullahs, right wing hindutva types and general assholes who seem to populate discussion forums in this country and are decrying this. 


km said...

Ironical...that's a Stonewall they are looking at :))

Szerelem said...

yes, someone else pointed that out on fb as well! Though of course none of this negativity was intentioned!

Roxana said...

wow - such a great news - we made that step in 2001, but the orthodox church is so strong and people's mentalities are so hard to change... it was interesting to find out that it was a British law introducing the bad - well, not surprising, though.