Monday, November 17, 2008

Turbans. Red.


Madhuri said...

It's a very colorful state - Rajasthan, isn't it? It's strange that growing up there I never appreciated its beauty and now I kind of miss it.
I am going to Jaipur too for a shirt visit soon, will share a few pics, esp of the colorful weddings :)

Szerelem said...

It really is. I think it's probably the easiest place to take great pohotographs because of that - there is a photo opportunity everywhere! Take lots of photos and enjoy the wedding!

km said...

Super neat.

//Blue Turbans are demanding a fair representation.

Roxana said...

and thank you for telling me what you did, it matters a lot.

Szerelem said...

km: hmmm...I have only one picture of blue turbans from very long back...Let me hunt around.

roxana: :) You are being missed - come back!