Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's over

The news was confirmed today once the Taj was rid of terrorists and the NSG took over the building. It's terribly heartbreaking - I know India hasn't been immune to bombs and terror but it's just such a shock to have people you know and love and respect being involved in it. My heart goes out to her husband and her two children.

This has been said before, but I really need to put it down here - I wish the media was more responsible. For what the shoving of cameras into the faces of people who were waiting in terror or who had lost their loved ones? Why the continuous close ups of the dead bodies in Nariman House? Can we have no respect for the dead? For those suffering?

As I write, the jingoism has already begun. I really don't see how the Congress will ever come back to power - as my dad has been saying almost like a broken record, this what you have when you have a government based on tribal politics and loyalty and no merit whatsoever. And there is no denying that this administration has been largely pathetic but the thought of the BJP coming back is terrible. I don't think anti-Pakistan rhetoric or a shift to right wing politics is even remotely useful - what will that ever solve? It's sad that the most common thing I have heard in the last few days is that the at least the US never suffered any attacks after 9/11 - that at least George W. dealt with toughness. What the US has lost in the wake of the draconian measures that government took will take years of fixing and has affected all of us.

Also, I wish Narendra Modi would shut the fuck up.


km said...

Disgusting. News websites (like Indian Express) are casually including graphic pictures with their articles.

Doesn't anyone care anymore?

Scherezade said...

I agree@right wings politics. Unfortunately, since we are grappling with such a colossal loss and that coupled with the curren't regime's utter apathy and inefficacy to handle the situatio, I think we are steering that way. Tragic.
It's unbelievable that as the world's largest democracy, we have NO trustworthy politicians we can depend on to lead this country instead of ruining it.
That tub of lard, R. R Patil, has callously labelled the attacks "small incidents in a big city".
Classy. Very.

Madhuri said...

I do not see the merit in a turned government. The second partitioning of India was perpetrated by the opposition leader, without whom India was a more united country. Even if he was not the hawk that he is, what would he have done with another version of mixed government, which only focuses on walking the tightrope without falling. This could have happened in a BJP rule, and Congress would have used it for garnering votes in a different way. To the people, either turn would hardly lead to a safer life.
About the media - I believe most news is presented as drama now, especially all Hindi channels which scream obscenities in high-pitched voices. Though I would like to commend NDTV for its relative sensitivity (barring Barkha Dutt and her drama). That is one news channel which I still associate with information.