Saturday, November 08, 2008


Spent a few days last week travelling in Rajasthan. Was in Mewar - Delwara, Udaipur, Haldighati, Ranakpur, Kumbhalgarh, Chittaurgarh among other places. We easily drove 1000+ kilometres through the Aravallis. I have visited Udaipur and Chittaur before, but it's been almost 8 years since.

Took very many pictures - so many green doors!! I have any photos of green doors from just this trip to fill have a book or something. And also some of very red safa's. Should share some stories too. Had coffee with the Maharana of Udaipur - no story here except he came out of his palace to drop us to the car and the tourists outside went crazy taking pictures. Quite amusing. My sister was fairly kicked about this whole encounter only to have me throw some wet water on that by reminding her that he was basically a commoner now, so no big deal. Except you get to see these crazy ass palatial houses that are so stuffed with stuff (what else will they be stuffed with) that there's not one inch of empty space. Imagine living in a treasure chest - sort of cramped.

Should also tell of the most interesting museum celebrating Pratap Singh I visited in Haldighati. A full celebration of the Maharana as the first freedom fighter in India. (Really? What about Shivaji? Or am I wrong?). All complete with with Hindu imagery. Ah, nationalism. That's a story for another time, though, I am not making much sense now. That's what happens when you have all these stupid applications to fill up and SOP's to think about. And it's not even like I have managed to get much work done. Sucketh.


??! said...

I'm (seriously) thinking you should do a 'Green Door' photo exhib/book. Different doors, different angles, styles, lighting.

Ohh! A travelogue! Called the book 'A Green Door World'. And add bits about the cities where you take them. Is this not a best-seller idea?

Szerelem said...

*I* think it's a fantastic idea - I have enough pictures to make up half the book alread! :P

But, I am not sure if publishers would be interested - maybe I should investigate...

??! said...

Remember, I get 1% commission for suggesting the idea.

Ok, creepy instance of Google word-verification closely relating to general content of blog: ankra.