Monday, September 11, 2006

December is booked!

The trip has been planned. The tickets have been bought. I am now almost completely broke. And quite happy with myself.
It hasn’t quite worked out as planned. Spain was getting a bit impossible. It was expensive to fly there from Italy and traveling within the country would have been very time consuming. So, Spain is out and England is in. Italy and England for one whole month. Two weeks each. And I get to spend my birthday and usher in the New Year in London. Am terribly excited.
Nitty-gritties of the trip are being worked out and all travel advice is welcome! Also welcome, recommendations of places to see in England and around London.

In other news, my cousin was in town over the weekend, which was therefore spent eating fatty food and drinking cocktails at 11 am in the morning. Needless to say I didn’t manage to get much work done. I did however manage to spend time with my favorite Englishmen – Ralph (Fiennes) and Daniel (Day-Lewis). I do not feel the need to use surnames.

Speaking of Ralph Fiennes, I am wondering about the probability of running into him while in London. I am hoping that he might be on stage at West End at that time, though I highly doubt it (especially since the since the Faith Healer has just finished its run on Broadway). Hmmm. Perhaps I should consider stalking or the like.
Omigosh, I need help!!


MockTurtle said...

Fiennes and Day Lewis are strangely alike aren't they? They have the same general expression and they're both sort of masculinely effeminate, if you know what I mean.

GhostOfTomJoad said...

MT: "masculinely effeminate" is clearly the wrong thing to say to Szerelem. Haven't you read her earlier post about Mr Fiennes? :-)

Szerelem: Forgive him, for he knows not what he says. :-)

Your trip sounds like fun!

Szerelem said...

MT: Yep, I do agree with you. Fiennes and Day-Lewis are weirdly similar. They do have somewhat similar facial features and are very intense onscreen. Not to mention they are wonderful when playing evil/twisted/tortured characters.
And I do kind of get what you mean by "masculinely effeminate". I think both of them have very aquiline features but also have a softness about them that makes them "beautiful", so to speak.

ghost: But I do agree a bit with MT!! But that only because I am interpreting "masculinely effeminate" in a positive way.
Am terribly excited about the trip even though the visa process is a royal pain. And like I said all tips and suggestions are welcome!

Tabula Rasa said...

ummm, london in winter... pack a jacket ;-)

Nath said...


Yes, I am aware that Scotland is not in England. And the weather will not be ideal. But on the other hand, it's Scotland.

As for the weather in Turkey, what can I say? 'Skiing in Bursa' is what.

Szerelem said...

TR: a thick overcoat, yes? :D

Nath: Scotland. Really do want to go there, despite the lets see.
Skiing in Bursa...gah! I want to go to Turkey.