Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Destination Next

should have been Israel (via Istanbul).
I had planned to visit in July, but given the heat during the summer decided to postpone the trip till the winter break. Which in hindsight was a good thing.
Given the current situation in the Middle East though, visiting Israel seems, well, not the best idea. Things might (should) calm down by November end (if not much earlier and i really hope that they do), but still. And planning a trip just to visit Turkey doesn't make much sense as December is generally rainy around the coast and freezing in Anatolia.

I am of course terribly, terribly sad about having to scrap this entire plan. Considering i spent eons reading up on the countries, sites, planning the routes, blah, blah.... and of course, considering i was and still am obsessed with visiting Turkey. Go there i will, but there's still a long list of countries that i am dying to visit and the current plan of action is to land up in Europe - again. And alone - again. Wonder why i always end up travelling alone in Europe.

Anyway, given that i don't want to be stuck in negative temperatures and snow (i don't really mind the cold but packing and luggage become a pain!), i have happily settled on Italy (most definitely) and Spain (maybe, still working out the details).
So i am now back to doing what i love and do best. Planning a trip. Spending hours on the net, reading books and travel guides, deciding where to go, how to go, what to see. I am traveling in my imagination (well i do that perpetually), but planning for a trip is absolutely fantastic. Even if like my planned middle east jaunt it doesn't work out, what you learn in the process is invaluable.

As of now the plan for Italy is to visit Rome and Florence (and places nearby such as Pisa, Sienna, Pompeii). Have also added Venice to the list, even though the weather is fickle and cold in winter, but what's the points of flying half way across the globe and not visiting?
Spain is still iffy but i really, really want to go. The shorlist is Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Granada.

Lets see what works out. There's still time and i don't want to get over enthusiatic and jinx my plan. The only thing i know for sure is that i shall be totally broke if this trip works out. But what have i been saving for eh?
Oh well, given my yet to mature plans, all ideas, feedback, tips are very welcome =D


Tabula Rasa said...

how could you not have a great trip? heck, just go! :-D

roswitha said...

Whoa, that sounds excellent! I'm envious but also really happy for you. :)

GhostOfTomJoad said...

I've just finished saying on my blog that a lot of peole will gladly trade in their parents for yours but, going by your travel plans, I see, many wouldn't mind trading their lives...if only for the trip :-)

Thanks for stopping by!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

exactly how long is this holiday? am mildly green

Szerelem said...

TR, roswitha, ghostoftomjoad - :)
am terribly excited so fingers crossed till everything falls into place.

shoe fiend - around 3 weeks.i would think England is great base to travel around Europe, i need to survive 14 hour flights!

The ramblings of a shoe fiend said...

3 weeks! Lovely! England is a great base - we're trying to get the most out of it while we're here.