Tuesday, October 06, 2009


*(More) photos, details should come at some point but right now I am overwhelmed, worried - essay due next week already and I haven't had a class yet!, and trying to figure out how the fuck this place works. Decentralization is not always good.

St. Antony's College, Oxford


Tabula Rasa said...

omg you said fuck!! :-D

welcome to grad school. you'll get used to it.

wv: agraile

Szerelem said...

I say fuck all the time - I just don't usually write it.

swiss said...

?? you're in englandshire?

looking forward to seeing how you look at that!

??! said...

I'm going to get it from some people, but I do think Cambridge has prettier photo-ops. Not that Oxford is ugly or anything.

Welcome to the rain, by the way.

Roxana said...

oh, you are there!!!! and with such a lovely picture, despite the f... confusion :-)

km said...

Say hello to Sir Isaac for me.

//They do hold seances in Oxford, right?


Szerelem said...

swiss: yes! I took my camera out for a bit today -it was lovely and sunny! - and got a couple of very typical shots :)

??!: Well, maybe. But Oxford>>>Cambridge. It's a better and bigger town.

thanks r! Come visit soon!

km: But Sir Isaac is in Cambridge. I could say hello to Tolkien, Locke, Lewis etc. I'm sure they hold seances - I just have to find out where. There's a Tolkien society - maybe they know. And thanks!

swiss said...

nice one! if you're ever escaping to the (intermittent) loveliness of englandshire's northern neighbour let us know

Tazeen said...

loved the picture :)

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