Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stylishly perched

Chawri bazaar, Delhi

P.S: He could be on The Sartorialist perhaps, don't you think?


Hari said...

Szerelem -- been following you for a while. Great pictures!

Do you hesitate before taking a picture when there are people involved? Do you always get consent? I've had this ethical dilemma often, that I am somehow capturing people on the sly. Would be interested in your thoughts.

Szerelem said...

hari - hi! I have to admit I am shamelessly nonchalant about the ethics of photographic people on the sly. Especially if it's a busy or very public place and they aren't up to anything very private. I almost never ask people whether they want to be photographed - benefits of a good zoom - because that usually means killing a capture. The only issues I really have are about photographic very sick/ poor people or photography that glorifies either.

km said...

Szer: Doesn't the very act of choosing a subject - could be any subject - "glorify" the subject?

(Yanking your chain, of course. Werner Herzog has lots to say about this topic in his films and documentaries.)