Sunday, April 19, 2009

A green door, what else?*

Hanoi, Vietnam

For BM and Veena, who came back from a jealousy inducing Silk Road trip bearing gifts of lovely green doors**. Spacebar, who shared a picture of a rather special door, albeit a blue one. ?!!, who is already claiming a 5% commission on any book on green doors/ windows I come out with. And for everyone else also, of course. I took many pictures of green doors and windows in Hanoi - they were everywhere, but this is my favourite. It even has a green bicycle. And those red flags, a very apt reminder of the (semi) red country it was taken in.

* Technically, a green window. But since I have already identified myself as a green door fetishist, I'll go on with that terminology.
** And also the image of Daniel Day Lewis in terracotta warrior headgear. Very hot.