Friday, April 17, 2009

At prayer

This was one of my favourite pictures, out of all those I took at Edirne last year. This was during the afternoon prayers, and I felt slightly shameless taking photographs and stopped soon after I clicked this one. I kept meaning to upload it here, but never did, but over the last few days it's the one image I seem to have kept going back to, even though I have thousands of new ones from South East Asia to upload. They can wait.


Roxana said...

it's beautiful... i love the way the arabic letter embraces the light.

km said...

What is this building?

Szerelem said...

r: thank you, as always :)

(And I never really fully noticed, or thought to put as poetically as you did the letter embracing the light).

km: It's the eski camii - literally old mosque - in Edirne. Also the site of one of my favourite Ara Güler photographs.

elizabeth said...

I keep coming back to look at this. Counting the days.