Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Randomness. And some links.

Sigh. I am tired. I have been unwell since Saturday - a bout of the flu apparently. Awful blocked nose and fever and a very sore throat. Also been facing general non happy situation at work, so it's been a shitty few weeks. Major cheer up happened yesterday, though. I got published! No online source I can link to unfortunately, but I was mailed the PDF version of the article yesterday and have been quite kicked about it since. Basically a reworked version of the food in Istanbul post. I've seen my byline in print before, but never had my photographs published. And I get paid for it too. So nice.

Life has been rather uneventful - I don't even have much to write about. I'm trying to study for the GRE and have been thinking about grad schools and applications and what I propose to do if I get in. The whole process is so painful. Most of my reading of late has been confined to the topic of Turkey, as a result. And in between, snatches of poetry - Lorca and Pessoa, as of now. I borrowed Mohammed Hanif's A Case of Exploding Mangoes but haven't started it yet. I also really want to read Joseph O'Niell's Netherland - I have been for a fairly long while -, though is it wrong for me to admit that this is also in some part due to the fact that O'Niell is rather hot? (So, I googled O'Niell while I am writing this and Wikipedia informs me that he has Turkish ancestry? Are you kidding me?)

On the topic of authors (and Turkey) Orhan Pamuk's new book Masumiyet Muzesi came out in Turkey a couple of weeks back. It'll still be a year plus or so till the English translation comes out, which kind of sucks. Pamuk has been doing the round promoting the book - he was at the Frankfurt Book Fair and Deutsche Welle had a rather nice interview with him. He also spoke with Today's Zaman about, among other things, the museum he is setting up in Çukurcuma. I love that he says "I have always loved those neighbourhoods", because those are my favourite areas of Istanbul, too. God only knows how many hours I have spent in the narrow lanes and antique shops of Çukurcuma. That museum has been in the works for a while, and when the whole 301, death threats nonsense happened there was talk about it not opening. I'm glad it is. My friend's professor is helping Pamuk with the museum, so I am also kicked at having some two degrees of separation from the man. My friend herself has interacted with him and as a result I learnt all sorts of gossip about him over the Istanbul trip. Most amusing stuff. Also, I must be the only freak to notice these things but apart from the fact that Pamuk's desk resembles my own, as it is now, in terms of messiness he also has new sexy (and geeky!) glass frames. I approve.

And to end, things on the internets you should be reading. Fëanor has set up a new blog Sundry Translations and Other Tangentialia intended for translated articles from the non-English world. The first post on Armenian Istanbul, has been translated by him from the original Russian set of articles by Mark Grigorian.

For anyone who likes food, beautiful pictures or just wants to read something that makes them feel happy and all fuzzy, please go read Tori's wonderful blog Loves Apples which is not a food blog as much as a celebration of food.

Over at Slate, Juan Cole argues that only difference between Muslim fundamentalists and Sarah Palin is lipstick. And (via Beth) why rednecks may rule the world.


Zuma's colored balls said...

yeah go grab netherland; its a great book... I loved it; though i must admit partly for being an outsider to the US as well; and also emotionally i was at the same stage of melancholy and ennui as the narrator thrives upon; so there was an amazing connect. but then all great books seem like they are written for you... ;-)

Szerelem said...

melancholy and ennui, you say? I suspect I will totally connect with it then too.

Though the being an outsider to the US part applies to me, as well.

Tabula Rasa said...

Juan Cole's blog should be required reading for everyone.

I just coined the term "Christianofascism" (except I can't decide whether it should instead be "Christofascism".

Szerelem said...

Oh I totally agree about Informed Comment!! It's absolutely one of my favourite blogs.

I like Christofascism. Christianofascism just brings images of Chritiano Ronaldo to my head. EWW.

Beth said...

Hey, congrats on the publication - you deserve it! - and I hope you feel better soon!

Szerelem said...

Beth! Thank you so much :)
And I am indeed feeling much better...

Anonymous said...

"only difference between Muslim fundamentalists and Sarah Palin is lipstick"
thats an illusion or denying reality or just closing eyes
at least Sarah Palin or catholic fundamentalist don't bomb everyday innocent people to death just like that anywhere/everywhere in the name of GOD
I don't condone any kind of fundamentalism, only I am disturbed by the fact that seemingly moderate person like you instead of doing his/her bit to reform/confront and remove hate/violence/fundamentalism in one's group/religion/setup, is gaining satisfaction and justification of one's wrong in another's wrong. And here I go for lesser wrong/less dangerous wrong.
You can cry here about irak or afganishtan or that evergreen excuse of islamist (for anything and everything under the sun) palestine. But my dear nature/god always seems unjust, but wise people(not me) have said that justice prevails in the long run if we let GOD/nature do its bit, though I myself practically have not the same experience, still nothing justifies violence of any kind
I don't know why I am ranting off, just ignore. Anyway you have a very good blog here.

Twilight Fairy said...

at least they ask you before publishing your stuff!

Here's my experience with TOI who just stole it off my flickr stream and never asked me, leave alone informing me.