Friday, June 13, 2008

One can miss mountains

and pine. One

can dismiss
a whisper’s

and go on as

before as if
everything were

perfectly fine.
One does. One

loses wonder
among stores

of things.
One can even miss

the basso boom
of the ocean’s

rumpus room
and its rhythm.

A man can leave
this earth

and take nothing
—not even

with him.

Todd Boss
(From The New Yorker)


Falstaff said...

and one can

call oneself
one one time

too many.

km said...

I especially hope not to take longing along with me. (We've all seen "Ghost", haven't we?)

??! said...

Yeh. But I bet you'd love to take some be-longing along with you. Especially your gee-tahr.

Roxana said...

and how beautiful this is!

Zuma's colored balls said...
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Zuma's colored balls said...

who wants to take longing anywhere... even to the next day? longing's overrated. it is.
and one agrees with falstaff