Monday, June 02, 2008


So. I have finally understood why people buy houses. Because it means not having to worry about finding a new place within your budget when your lease expires. And because it means not having to worry about shifting. Which is the biggest pain in the ass process ever. It took me five days to pack my room. I can't even imagine what a painful process packing a house would be. It's also amazing how much junk I have accumulated. Jeez.

In other news - I don't think it's a good sign that I got into office in the morning and my first thought was "I need alcohol. Nicotine also." Sigh.


Roxana said...

yes I know, exactly how I feel about this. and think about the poor japanese who are forced by their companies to move from city to city every 2 or 3 years, their entire life! I'd be losing my mind!

Winterborne said...
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Winterborne said...

just watched gegen die wand and a subsequent search for reviews of a movie that you start missing as soon as it gets over led me to your blog. such a massive coincidence to have someone from your own city review a german/turkish movie! well written though.

??! said...

going that badly huh?

Szerelem said...

zmroxana: Yeah I can totally imagine what a pain that is. Though I guess if you are living in one place for only a year you wouldn't collect that much junk anyway...

winteborne: Thanks :) I love, love, love that movie. Am always happy to know of other who do as well.

??!: Oh, don't ask. I'm at a stage where I think Happy Hours are the best invention ever.

Aishwarya said...

Actually, it's so you can build bookshelves (and then more bookshelves. And then some more) to your specifications, knowing you're not going to have to stuff the whole lot into a few crates and move them around ever again.

Lekhni said...

- Not having to feel indignant every time they raise the rent.

-Not having to share washer-dryers with 15 other families (unless you find an apartment with its own W/D).

- Not having to put up with assorted cooking smells.

- Not having to put up with people on the floor above you treating the floor like a trampoline.

- Not having to put up with noise from parties you are not invited to..

Okay, I guess I have gone on long enough :) Packing? I'll take it!

Richard said...

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