Saturday, February 10, 2007

Szerelem is in love.....

....with her new phone. The Samsung Ultra Edition 9.9. Tis so pretty. And sleek. I am honestly not much of gadget freak. My previous cell phone lasted close to four years and I really wouldn't have felt the need to change it had it not started konking off at regular intervals. Nor I did I really need (I still don't actually) a camera phone or any other fancy feautures.Anyway, someone was visiting and my mom sent me this one. Because she said it was lying at home and no one was using it, and because she knew I wanted a MotoRazr and this one is similar, only better. Isn't she so wonderful? And the phone is better than the MotoRazr - slimmer and lighter. I like. Very much!

I am also in love with my DVD's of Elizabeth I (the case is so beautiful!) and Brideshead Revisited. They arrived this week and oh, I was so happy!! Shall watch Brideshead (all four discs) during term break, because I know once I start I just won't be able to not see the whole series. Saw Elizabeth I already. It's quite marvellous. Ah, such happiness.


Tabula Rasa said...

isn't szerelem = love? redundancy?

Panacea said...

Sigh, I wish I had new cell phones lying at home. I'm always in two minds about spending on phones. On one hand, I think it to be ridiculous to spend on a phone when I get can the new video ipod in that money (which I now have, wheeeee!). On the other hand, I want nice, sleek, flippy top, camera phone. Sigh. Choices choices!

Btw, how good is Elizabeth? I've seen exactly half of it, but we can still have a gush fest!

Szerelem said...

TR: love can ever be redundant?

Pan: Well, I didn't buy a new phone for eons cos it seemed pointless when I had one tghat was functional. And I have a nano which is functional as well so I don't really desire the ipod video. Of course I wouldn't complain if someone gave me one :D
ANd Elizabeth is SO SO good!!! You HAVE to see the second half...have to, have to, have to. It's better than the first part and the fact that I'm saying this even though Jeremy Irons isn't in it should tell you how good it is :D
And how good are Irons and Helen Mirren??!!

Tabula Rasa said...