Wednesday, February 14, 2007


In my absolute boredom last night I was looking through all the photos I took in December. These are of Milan. I have wanted to put up these two for a while now. I really like them.

I was in Milan for Christmas and even though the town was completely shut on the 25th, I had a really nice time. Thanks, especially to Pan and TPF. We attended midnight mass at the Duomo on Christmas Eve and it was beautiful. I didn’t understand much of what was happening – the mass was in Italian after all – but just the experience of being there was special.

Other highlights included amazing Kinder gelato, getting my photo taken on a Vespa (finally!!). And of course, seeing The Last Supper. It is amazing. Like most of Da Vinci's works (and I can happily say I have seen almost all his paintings) it has a strange mesmerising quality to it. And it was special even after the Renaissance art overload I had in Florence. Brilliance.

Sigh. Good Times. Now I just want to run away from school.


Tabula Rasa said...

since it has to be said, let me say it. the first photo is really nice. might you try to balance it somehow, maybe with some clever cropping?

there's something about the blurring in the foreground of the second one that i'm finding distracting.

Szerelem said...

Thanks for your kind words :D
And the first one does need some cropping - it was christmas eve and there were too many people at the Galleria. Same goes for the Scala - impossible to get a picture without people crossing through your photo!

Panacea said...

OMG, I just noticed this post. The pictures I lovely. The Galleria looks really beautiful during Christmas time.

Szerelem said...

Thanks muchly :D
And the Galleria is beautiful at Christmas!! I do wish that I had a picture of when I turning on the bulls testicles in the galleria though.
Hmmm.......that doesn't sound right does it?