Thursday, October 12, 2006

An Update & A Tag

I finally stopped being a lazy arse and updated my blogger profile, added my email and made a blogroll! Considering this is midterm break and I have basically turned into a slob I am very pleased that I actually managed to get at least this much done.
Also, Edmund S. Phelps won this years Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel. Which is cool and freaky. He was my macro profs PhD advisor at Columbia and they collaborate on a gazillion papers. My one degree of separation from a Nobel Laureate. I still don’t think very highly of economics though.

Ok, moving on, I have been tagged by Panacea. The task is simple enough – to list the ten most played songs on my iTunes player. So here goes:

Aicha, by Khaled. I love raï music and I absolutely adore this song. It is a million times better than the rehashed version by Outlandish. French and Arabic make for a potent musical combination. Who’d have thunk?

Omkara, from the OST. It’s my favourite track and I loved the way it was used in the movie. Gulzars lyrics are fabulous (as always). He is hands down the best lyricist and poet in the country and he really outdid himself with the songs in Omkara. On the other hand we have Javed Akhtar who has taken to writing stuff like 'Where’s the party tonite?' *Cringe*

Sinnerman, by Nina Simone. I first heard this song (eons ago now) in a Nokia commercial. And that was how I discovered Nina Simone. Oh and I loved that scene in the Thomas Crown Affair where the entire song plays in the background and the police are trying to figure out which of the many, many, many men in bowler hats is Pierce Brosnan. I have always seen repeats of the movie to catch that scene and listen to this song. Fabulous.

The Rising, by Bruce Springsteen. The Boss. Nothing much to say. Except that I think The Rising is his best album and I still can’t believe they gave the grammy to Norah Jones that year!

Rang De Basanti, from the OST. Can A.R. Rahman do anything wrong when he’s in form??

Dicholo, The Constant Gardener OST. Ahh, one of my favourite movies of last year. And I cannot believe Fiennes wasn’t nominated for an Oscar. Though I really shouldn’t have been surprised. (I mean they gave Tommy Lee Jones an Oscar for The Fugitive over Fiennes for Schindlers List. I mean, COME ON!!)
Anyway, back to the song. It’s terribly catchy and was extremely difficult to get track off to download. So for a long time I kept playing it by fast forwarding the copy of the movie I have on my comp to the credits just to listen to it!

Govinda, by Kula Shaker. Hmm this is a bit of surprise. I used to find the song and the video terribly amusing but it slowly grew on me. I think I was listening to it a great deal before my macro exam. Perhaps a subconscious bid for good karma?

Moon River, by Henry Mancini. I know Mancini didn’t sing it. But every time I think Moon River I think Henry Mancini. And Breakfast at Tiffany’s. And Holly Golightly.

Thank You, by Dido. I quote J.D. from Scrubs: "If my heart could write songs they would sound like these".

J'y Suis Jamais Allé, Yann Tiersen from the OST of Amélie. If I ever feel sad or low, I watch Amélie. And I feel better and happier. The soundtrack of the movie reflects that. It’s wonderful and heart warming.

In turn I tag TR, MT, Roswitha and Cyberswami.


roswitha said...

Thank you for tagging me! I'm very fond of the Amelie soundtrack myself. I'm also very tickled to see that you've listed brittle intense personae in your list of interests. You speak my truths.

sinusoidally said...

Not even one is on my ipod. I must be vey unclutures...

Panacea said...

Oooh, I love the whole Amélie soundtrack and Moon River just makes me go all sobby. It's such a brillant song, right?

I still havent managed to watch Omkara and it's been driving me completely crazy. I wish I didnt live in this silly country at times!

chandni said...

good stuff on ur list!

Szerelem said...

Ros: Ya, I nicked it off a comment you left on one of my posts *blush*...=D

sinusoidally: bah, i dont think being cultured or not has anythin to do with it...everyone has different tastes and well what fun would it be if we all listened ti the same kind of stuff?

Panacea: Agree completely. And watch Omkara!!

Chandni: =)

Anonymous said...

a pox on you...

but its not such a bad tag, so a small pox.

er, wait.

a little pox.

The Poodle's Friend said...

Ah! My meme is traveling!
Sigh. I share the Rang de Basanti obsession. A. R. Rahman is truly a genius. I mean, I'm Turkish and I love his music. He must be good.

Szerelem said...

TPF: You meme is travelling indeed. Everyone i tagged did it...=D
And what you say about Rahman...well, great music has no boundries no?
Also, you dont like Orhan Pamuk? Why?

The Poodle's Friend said...

Ah, well, I wouldn't say I dislike him, it's just that I don't actively like him. It's because he's a bestselling author, and I have a thing against bestsellers. I know, I know. There really is no coherent reasoning behind that. And, considering that I've never read him, I suppose I shouldn't assume that he's not very good just because he's a bestselling author. I mean, he did win a nobel prize after all! :)

Szerelem said...

Well, I mean Pamuk isnt a best seller in the manner of Dan Brown, right?
he is really good. And is responsible for crazy my Turkish fixation getting even crazier =P
You really should read his books.

Rahul said...

very much a similar list. i wud add U2 too.
do matching bdays have anything to do with it? naah! too girly, a thought. *brrrr*