Thursday, October 12, 2006

OMG...Pamuk Won!!

Orhan Pamuk Won!! He won!!!
Wow…I am actually thrilled. Pamuk has been on the top of my list of favourite authors since I read Snow some two years back. He is a fabulous writer and the Prize is completely deserved.
When the Economics Prize was announced a couple of days back I remember thinking that the Literature Prize would be announced in a couple of days and “I hope Pamuk wins it.” (Apparently, the committee was in a deadlock over him and Pinter last year.)

I have raved constantly about Pamuk to all and sundry and on this blog numerous times. (His official site is linked on my sidebar, do have a look). Since I always gift my friend’s books, for the last one year they have all received a Pamuk from me, without fail. There is a beauty, sadness and sense of poetry to his writing that is simply mesmerising.

The only Pamuk book (available in translation) that I have yet to read is The Black Book which is staring at me, lying on my desk as I write this. I have been planning to get down to reading it for ages, but coursework and midterms have made me postpone picking it up. Pamuk is not to be read in a distracted state of mind. He demands and deserves complete attention.

Not surprisingly the prize has received mixed reactions in Turkey. I find it strange that I have yet to meet a Turkish student (and I do know many) who has anything nice to say about Pamuk. Most of them haven’t read his books but are put off by his statements on the Armenian genocide. I find that terribly sad and really hope that I have had a biased sample.

In an interview of his I read a while back, Pamuk said that he had his next ten books all laid out in his mind. Well, Mr. Pamuk, please do write them fast. I for one can’t wait to read them.


Panacea said...

My first Pamuk is sitting on my desk waiting to be read right now. It's Istanbul, but I'm not sure if it's an very good choice since I have not read anything by his yet, but I'll tell you how it goes. Something tells me I'm going to love it.

PS: My best friend who gifted this book to me is actually Turkish. She doesnt like Pamuk much either, and only bought it for me because I kept begging her to let me read him :)

Szerelem said...

I liked Istanbul, but its not my favourite Pamuk.
I would actually reccomend you start with My Name Is Red. I think thats his most accesiblle work and its quite brilliant. (I am however partial to Snow)
Let me know how you liked Istanbul though.
And, ya, see what I said about Turks not really liking him?

MockTurtle said...

You know how sometimes you never hear of someone at all, and then suddenly you hear his name every week and always in a different context?
That's Pamuk for me. During the months leading up to the award, I have heard his name at least a dozen times but have never read anything of his.
What's a good book to start with?

MockTurtle said...

...ok, redundant question. I just saw your previous comment.