Friday, April 28, 2006

So, I'm trying to blog....

hmmm......i dont know how long this will last but im giving it a started with me being bored to death over the weekends (which are now ridiculously free as i have no school work ...YAY!), having flights of fancy and thinking up new and exotic places to visit (when??...sometime....hopefully....i need to go Turkey!!!).

And thus started my blog i thought this would be a nice way of writing about all my travels as well and posting up all my nice travel pics....well that was till i realised i have been in toto to 7 countries, which may be ok i guess (since i have literally just started travelling) but seems very insipid when you spend time reading about people who seem to have been everywhere and through everything (dont believe me?? -pls just surf through the lonely planet forums...)

Imagine a potential conversation:
LP blogger: I have blogged about my treck through the Himalayas and stay in the Amazon!
Me: Well, I have written about my trip to Thailand....(is that exotic enough?)

Anyway so that was enough to convince me against coming up with a 'travel' blog. This is just for random rumblings, try and keep people updated and a nice way to put up my travel pics anyway......just bear with me....=)

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