Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Seen from the car window

Bombay, India

These two seemed to me to be still following the style of Bollywood films from the 1970's. Styled more like Vijay, than Raj or Rahul, looking more intense and ponderous than flippant. Maybe it's just my imagination. Probably just a trick of the camera and the instant they were photographed. 


That Armchair Philosopher said...

haha thats a good shot

km said...

This is voyeurism but in a good way :) I like the mood you've captured there. Definitely "intense and ponderous" and probably some shyness and awkwardness too.

Szerelem said...

thanks both. And I do agree about the shyness - also perhaps a difference from the brashness of our times.

s said...

thats a good shot. the yellow, red, and blue go nicely on the background.

if ya had taken the shot perpendicular to the frame, it would have been right out of a godard film. godard and the young indian angry man. now, there's something. :)