Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Verde (I)

Verde que te quiero verde.

Green, how I want you green.

This Lorca line (first read over at Verbal Privilege) was a constant refrain during my time in the Vietnamese countryside (and later in Bali, photos to follow). The photos here were taken in Ninh Binh


Panacea said...

Your pictures are lovely and I really need to go on a holiday somewhere. Like NOW!

km said...

Now I am thinking of monsoon and India and train journeys.

blackmamba said...

those are some crazy hills/mountains.

Lovely lovely green. gorgeous.

Szerelem said...

Pan: please, you just got back form a vacation! Go study or something :P

km: Train journeys. Sigh. I think I might be making some in India, hopefully. And I crave the monsoon too, its hot as hell here :/

bm: They are! The limestone karsts were everywhere - literally rising from a sea of paddy and green as it were.

Roxana said...

it's a marvelous line, isn't it?

and you've certainly got the skill to capture the most vibrant green... and not only when it comes to doors :-)

Szerelem said...

thanks R! that line is the first that pops into my head when I see vibrant greens now!