Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back - photos, links etc.

Back after almost a month on the road - with so many stories and close to 2000 photographs as memories. 

I got back a couple of days ago and went out and bought my new computer - a macbook! - and it has totally hogged my time when I should actually be doing other stuff - like packing. I have to wrap up five years of my life and some of it is already in boxes but just looking at everything around has me reeling. Most clothes, bags, shoes will be given away but its the books that are everywhere that are giving me a nightmare. And I have today and tomorrow to finish off all this - my mom is visiting me (it's the first time she has really, save a brief stop for graduation) but then I am off to Bali for about 8 days and then get back and leave for India immediately. Sigh, time. 

In the midst of all this, this blog also turned three sometime this month. I can't really believe what started as a lark has actually continued for so long - I haven't been writing much on books or movies over the past year because my reading habits suffered greatly at work but I have all summer and hope to rectify that. When I started off here I was just getting interested in photography and I think more than anything this blog has been a great platform to share photos and has helped me get better at it, too - or so I hope and think.

Meanwhile, while I was on the road there were a number of posts that just reiterated why I love blogistan so much. Things you must read. There were two conversations over at Chapati Mystery I followed every time I had access to the net - the conversation between Qalandar and Conrad Barwa on this post about Wendy Doniger's The Hindus - An Alternate History and Doniger's response here. (I read bits and pieces of the book a few months ago - a family friend in the publishing industry had sent over an advanced copy - before my uncle usurped it, but am itching to read the whole book). Also Sepoy's post on Anurag Kashyap's Gulaal led to an amazing and very informative conversation between Qalandar and Conrad Barwa again. Qalandar's reading and knowledge of movies always blows me away but this was just amazing - I had nothing remotely interesting to add to the conversation that was taking place and was just happy to sit back and read it. Qalandar's review of the movie here.

Over at Beth's blog Teju Cole had a wonderful guest post with photos on Italy, Angels in Winter. And The Cassandra Pages itself turned six, prompting a wonderful and introspective post from Beth herself. And finally, via Rahul, Matt Taibbi on what really happened/ is happening at AIG and the stinky details of the bail out.

To end, some photos. Lovely, peaceful Buddhas.


nihilistwaffles said...

First one to comment. Yay! (Ok, admittedly silly I am.)

But seriously, an entire month on the road - I am jade with envy.
I am hoping to take some time out starting next month and let's pray that the Travel Gods bless me as they do you.

- Scherezade

??! said...

this blog also turned three sometime this month. I can't really believe what started as a lark has actually continued for so long
And long may the lark continue to...snap? Snap!

Also, you'd better do a whole photolog, nahin toh....

Roxana said...

I agree with ??! :-) something like a photodiary of all your travels would be so nice to have!

Space Bar said...

congrats on making it to three! and lovely photos - love the root-buddha!

km said...

That Root Buddha (sounds like Root Beer) is really lovely, as is the one of Buddha with his - doppelganger? - disciple.

Happy 3rd and stay close to that wanderlust.