Friday, February 20, 2009

Upcoming travels

I had mentioned earlier that I might be going to Chennai for - well that's not happening. Instead more interesting things are. I think I will be traveling a lot next month - well actually it's kicking off from this weekend itself - I am going here. Next weekend I am going to Thailand and from there Laos (though still working that out) and then after probably Vietnam and Indonesia, again.


Speaking of Thailand, I never did put up very many pictures from my visit to Bangkok last year. Some here. And well, with some more to come hopefully.


Tabula Rasa said...

gah. what fun.

Rahul Siddharthan said...

Have fun. You should write a travel book (and hopefully Chennai will eventually figure in it). Belatedly remarking that your Indonesia temple photos were impressive. I did not know of those places, though I've seen some very nice Hindu art/sculpture from Bali.

km said...

Whoo-pee. More travel.

Is that hut embedded in a tree?

km said...


Hut. Embedded. Never mind. Saw the pic again.

Roxana said...

travel book, yes :-) I've never seen a tag more aptly chosen than 'wanderlust' :-)

Szerelem said...

TR: Indeed.

Rahul: Thanks. I hope to be in Bali sometime next month and am quite excited by that prospect as I've heard lovely things about the place. I was hoping to be in Chennai, quite honestly, but things didn't work out so SE Asia it is.

km: yes, exactly @ your second comment

roxana: I would love to write a travel book; I have been writing articles off and on for a bit now - here's hoping.