Monday, January 19, 2009


Apparently George W. Bush read 95 books last year. Isn't that a lot for someone who is famed for not liking books?

(The article in itself - about Obama's reading habbits is quite interesting.)


??! said...

Obama has tame reading habbits? Wow, I thought those cousins of the hobbits had died out centuries ago.

Sorry, sorry, couldn't resist.

niTin said...

Unlike any other person I know, the more I know about him the more I admire.
Did you read the New Yorker pieces on Obama over the years. They just reprinted them. Eye opening to say the least.
Also, did you know Barry the foodie? They are airing a "lost" episode of a cookery show. It was lost because one interviewee dominated the conversation. Obviously, you know who...