Monday, October 27, 2008


Have been busy, first with work and then the GRE. The exam is done with, thank god. What a waste of time and money and what a pain in the ass. Seriously.

Anyway, I am free for a bit now - it's a long story - though I guess technically not free, since I should be working on my applications. But I am in Delhi for a while and it's rather nice, especially since I haven't been home for Diwali for close to five years. I have been lazing around for the last few days, catching up on things I haven't literally had time for. I finished The Case of Exploding Mangoes and am in the middle of Netherland and am most certainly in some kind of love with Joseph O'Neill.

Today we ordered in food from Colonel Kebabz and I spent the evening with the amazingly gorgeous Madhuri Dixit - they were showing Aaja Nachle on TV. It's amazing how she just gets more beautiful by the year, but I have always loved her. So I am stuffed and happy and off to bed with Mr. O'Neill now.


Roxana said...

what a great post! :-) I am happy for you, sz, and the bird is great too. I like the way it is flying and merging with the old city...

km said...

"Colonel Kebabz"? Seriously?? Is it a, uh, Major chain?

Alok said...

ah finally! I thought you had gone away for good. I know, these tests are ridiculous and fact all such tests which rely on "practice"...wonder if they test how good a robot you are!

So have you decided about the middle east studies thing?

Szerelem said...

roxana: It's a really great structure actually, an underground water tank...I should post more pictures of it.

km: oh pffft. It's really good.

alok: :) I know I've been missing for a bit! But hopefully, should blog a bit more now. I think the GRE did actually help me increase my vocabulary, but I have no idea how it is a good indicator for graduate school admissions! Plus I think it's a lot of luck as well.

Yes, I am applying for my masters in Middle Eastern Studies with Turkey as my country of specialization - to universities in the US and UK. I'm keeping my fingers crossed because I really want to go back to school so I hope I get admission! THe whole application process is amazingly painful, though :(

Alok said...

ah vocabulary! but that's such a rote and mechanical way of learning new words and moreover it can make your writing awfully pretentious if you are not careful. I have seen this happening in my engg. school. Suddenly in third year everybody's mail starts sounding different :)

Best of luck for all the applications and stuff. I am pretty sure your enthusiasm will convince them. And I hope you don't become one of those middle east "experts" in American academia and mainstream american TV :)

Space Bar said...

good luck with applications! hope this break means you will be taking tons of photos in that gorgeous delhi light this time fo year.

and alok: 'middle eastern'?! don't you mean west asian?

Szerelem said...

alok: hah! That is true - about suddenly sounding pretentious :P Thank you - I hope the admissions committees think so too.

sb: Thank you :) I haven't taken any photos yet - but I hope too. And I might be going to Rajasthan for a bit so hope to have some from there.

. said...

Do not be discombobulated by the multitude of universities in this land. It is advised, to be prescient about the popularity of the gargantuan linebackers in the football teams of the universities you are applying to. They are but veritable indicators of the excellence in academia. Gerrymander, vindaloo and fillibuster.

Q.1 How much substance do you think the author was smoking when he linked linebackers to academia.

You have GOT to love the GRE.

Scherezade said...

Delhi in winter is gorgeous.
Bombay has no winter, of course.

That Armchair Philosopher said...

Hah, you're BUSY hogging on kebabs and Reading. Hrmph.