Thursday, December 06, 2007

Book Covers

Via Alok.
My favourite book cover of the year – Nadeem Aslam’s Maps for Lost Lovers.

I know, it’s a bit clichéd but I really love it. (I remember reading in the introduction that Aslam had to ask for permission from some acquaintance to use this picture). The book is very nice too.

In the history category I really liked the cover of Mark Mazower’s brilliant The Dark Continent: Europe’s Twentieth Century. Mazower is a brilliant historian and I have been so impressed by every book of his that I have read. Dark Continent is an excellent (and slightly revisionist) history of the Europe since after WWI.

Also, a mention for La Vie en Bleu: France and the French since 1900. I haven’t actually read the book yet but its been lying on my table for eons now and I keep meaning to start but its just so darned fat and I don’t have time. Gah! I love the quote by de Gaulle on the back cover of the book as well – “How can you govern a country which has 246 varieties of cheese?” Ah, the French are so amusing.

Book cover that has been making my head want to explode (which is not good because I’m reading it at the moment) – Zulfu Livaneli’s Bliss (Mutluluk in Turkish). Apparently Turkey and Afghanistan are one and the same place. The other cover for the book isn’t bad though. Too bad I couldn’t find it. The book itself is so-so; easy reading on the train.

Previous post on book covers here. The only reason Other Colours didn’t make an appearance here is because I didn’t buy the Faber version. I think they usually do wonderful covers. Knopf’s aren’t bad either.

Anyway, so, what are your favourite book covers of the year?


That Armchair Philosopher said...

Really love the "Age of Kali" - Dalrymple - cover.. beautiful photograph on it. I liked "My name is Red" too - the miniature painting.

Oh and the cover of this wharton report on India - cliched report, but awesome cover.

hmm. murakami's "After Dark" is nice too. Anything by Chipp Kidd (he did Cormac Mccarthy's latest book amongst others); he's an awesome designer..

thalassa_mikra said...

Oh, I was going to say the "My Name is Red" cover. But then I absolutely love Persian style miniatures.

You know Szerelem, I think you've really made up my mind for me. I really, really want to see Istanbul. Hopefully next year.

Szerelem said...

TAP: Hmmm the "Age of Kali" version I read had an interesting cover but nothing great as such. I actually liked the Wharton report cover.

T_M: Oh, you must absolutely go to Istanbul! And I know you will love it.
Also, I get very happy when all Turkish enthusiasm affects people :D