Friday, September 14, 2007

Of Ramazan greetings and other things

Need to write about many things.

Of Pamuk’s new book – not much to write here actually except that in short the wait is killing me! But till then, links on him declaring himself “…a democrat, a secularist, a liberal and a westernization supporter”, talking about politics in general and a lovely excerpt from the book on barber shops in Istanbul.
(All the reviews of Other Colors I have read have been, not surprisingly, extremely positive).

Of Majid Majidi’s Beed- e- Majnoon (The Willow Tree), which I saw recently, weeping silently throughout. Also about Majidi’s other heartwarmingly adorable Bacheha- ye- Aseman (The Children of Heaven) which I saw quite a few years back.

Of Abraham Eraly’s Mughal Throne which I finished a while back all the while thinking of putting up excerpts here (perhaps as a photo commentary sort of post?). It was a great read.

But till I get time to write about these wanted to post wishing everyone on Ramazan which started yesterday. Ramazan bayramınızı kutlar! Most wonderful meal of baba ghanoush, hummus and harissa was had last night. All washed down with generous doses of mint tea. I reached home stuffed, happy and dead tired. Anyway, hope the coming month brings good tidings…..


Tabula Rasa said...

on the topic of 'other things', last night i watched the film that has the same name as you. have you seen it? an interesting experience.

Szerelem said...

I haven't actually....have been wanting to but never manage to get the dvd. You are referring to the Hungarian movie and not the English Patient right??

Tabula Rasa said...

yup. the english patient is anything but an interesting experience.

Szerelem said...

I liked the English Patient! It has Ralph Fiennes...(the rest is self explanatory I think...heh)

Tabula Rasa said...

oh ya, i was trying to remember who the guy was. thanks.