Friday, August 10, 2007

Veggie Goodness

In fact, red meat on a date has become such an effective statement of self-acceptance that even a vegetarian like Sloane Crosley, a publicist at Random House, sometimes longs to order a burger.

“Being a vegetarian puts you at a disadvantage,” Ms. Crosley said. “You’re in the most basic category of finicky. Even women who order chicken, it isn’t enough.” She said she has thought of ordering shots of Jägermeister, famous for its frat boy associations, to prove that she is “a guy’s girl.”

“Everyone wants to be the girl who drinks the beer and eats the steak and looks like Kate Hudson.”

Oh dear lord, how wonderful.

What about the poor women who are vegan, I wonder? Aren’t they doomed. Oh well, now that I have gone back to eating meat I really don’t care, but it is bloody unfair on all the vegetarians. Just eat what you want dammit and let others it what they want. I mean really, judging people on food choices. Sheesh.

In any case, whatever the merits of meat – it’s bloody unphotogenic. There’s nothing like taking pictures of fresh fruits and vegetables. The freshness comes across in the colours, even texture. It’s brilliant. (I prefer cooking vegetarian food as well. Easy and so unfussy. My latest kitchen experiment – yoğurt bamyalar urf dahi bhindi. Was delicious.)

Anyway, these from the Naschmarkt in Vienna. Wandering around there was wonderful, wonderful fun.
Old pictures from the Borough Market here. And one on Istanbul foods here.

Paprikas - all colours.


Fresh figs. (Are yummy).

Bright red chillies.

As it says - jackfuits.



Tabula Rasa said...

whatever the merits of meat – it’s bloody unphotogenic

you forget the eye of the beholder.

Alok said...

wow, jackfruit in austria...!! impressive.

and that NYT article is so bizarre.

Szerelem said...

TR: Point. And I do think fish is fact I have some nice pictures from the Balik Pazaar in Istanbul. But meat? Really?? Eww.

Alok: Ya, the article is crap and completely pointless. Except to stress that whatever women eat its obviously for the male party involved.

Preyanka said...

Hmmm...I went through phases. Vegetarian wasn't enough, so I went vegan. I think my goal was to appear as finicky as possible. I soon gave up when I realized that I actually like eating meat. But never steak or burgers. I only like beef when it's thinly sliced and marinated, such as in Asian food. I definitely prefer those wonderful fruits and veggies you have pictured!

Szerelem said...

Vegan - wow. I could not do that. Considered it but dropped the dairy poducts does not cut it for me.

chandni said...

send the recipe of dahi bhindi dude...if it turned out nice, that is :)