Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fugly, Football, Random

Looks like I spoke too soon. So what if Jeremy Irons didn't make the cut for in his Golden Globe ensemble. He still had the SAG awards to prove a point. Gosh. I saw the pictures and my first thought was "Oh, boy. Will that make the fugly list or what." It sure did. In all fairness though, the outfit isn't all that bad. I blame the Willy Wonka sun glasses. Well, I guess mid life crisis's express themselves differently for different people. Some people probably just need to dress weird. Mr. Irons Sir, I totally get that. I still like you. Just thought you should know.

On the topic of Jeremy Irons, my DVD's of Brideshead Revisited and Elizabeth I shall be arriving soon. That makes my happy. *Insert obligatory mile wide grin just thinking about the viewing pleasure those videos will give me*

In other random news, Marco Materazzi got headbutted - again. I'm sorry but I really can't control my urge to laugh at this. I hate that Inter is having such a good season - bleh, bleh, bleh - they are like the Italian Chelsea. BLEH!!! Milan have been terribly bad this season. At this point I am hoping that Ronaldo has a good season ahead - even if that means having to see those gawd awful teeth.

Right. End randomness.


Panacea said...

OMG, you go to gofugyourself too? I thought I was the only one who read it! :D
I remmeber seeing Mr. Irons on there last night and bitching about it to TPF on msn. I think the outfit would look fine without the scarf and the sunglasses.

airy voices said...

The reason gofugyourself is so successful (this is my latest theory) is that everyone thinks they're the only one and consequently bask in the warmth of exclusivity. If only.

I'd didn't flag the jeremy irons photo because I felt this was the wrong time to break your heart. After Fri.. maybe :D

MockTurtle said...

You children and your football.
Why don't you follow a real game like cricket for a change?

The Poodle's Friend said...


Oh God. Don't get me started on Inter. And Milan. And Ronaldo is fat. What are we going to do?

Did you hear about the policeman who died? They're suspending the league now. Great, Milan's players will age further.

Szerelem said...

Pan: Muahahaz. I think everyone read GFY. It's so awesome it would be impossible not to get hooked. And the scarf wasn't that bad either. It was tjose weird sun glasses!

airy voices: Ah, well, I have always believed that everyone else read it as I guess I am not that exclusive after all eh?
And I love Mr. Irons too much for one appearance on GFY to cause heartbreak :p

MT: Ah well. I used to follow cricket but all the players I really liked retired. Except Shaun Pollock, who can do no wrong in my book. Plus Australia has dominated cricket so much it's become boring. And personally I have almost never supposrted the Indian team so it just led to too much stress being called a traitor and all. It was just easier to switch to watching football. It's more fun .... and then there's (or was) Zidane as well :D

TPF: My gosh. You're back!!!To what do I owe the pleasure :P
And OMG, WTF was up with all that violence. MADNESS. TOTAL MADNESS.
And Milan need some good young players. Ronaldo hardly counts.

KingSlayer said...

Jeremy Irons - catch him in "Reversal of fortunes" and "Dead Ringers" for his brilliant performances. And the Lolita movie of course. That one has Melanie Griffith playing Lolita's mom...