Saturday, December 16, 2006


Only my first day and I still managed to take some sixty pictures. It's glorious! The weather is fabulous. Sunrise at 7 am!
Saw a bit. Well, quite a bit. But thats still a puny amount by Roman standards probably. There is just so much history everywhere. I can't imagine what it would be like to live in a place like this perpetually. Oh ya, there's a Bernini. And there a Michelangelo. Artistic overload!!!

But I love it!!! Piazza Navona has been taken over by Christmas Stalls (selling stuff that is 'Made in China'). But it's still great fun. There are a lot of tourists but it's not half as bad as I expected. The food is fabulous. And there is gelato everywhere. Oh, and the clothes!!!! I think Italian fashion is better than French fashion. There I said it. The clothes!! And the bags!! And the shoes (which, would never fit me, but still)!! Not that I have any money to buy anything much. But I still spent time trying out stuff in D & G. Muahahaz. Am Evil.

Am exhausted from the non stop walking. And dodging cars at the zebra crossings. Waving my hand like mad, screamin 'Scuzi, scuzi!!' to avoid getting hit. And being on the guard against pick pockets and thieves. Have another three days here. It's magnificent!!


Panacea said...

Rome is really beautiful, isnt it? The last time I went there was about two years ago. I loved it, but for some reason I've always preferred Florence.

shoe said...

:O You've already been to London? I'm very hurt :(

roswitha said...

Oh my goodness!!!! This is wonderful. And all kinds of lovely!

InExile said...

the spanish stairs ? and you gottta sing/hum arrividerci roma ! when you leave !! such pictures ... belissima !

hedonistic hobo said...

h ma god! that is one stunning city. so we must meet and you must innundate me with stories of your roman holiday!